Abstract: The dynamic spectrum access in Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs is found, in which Secondary Users (SUs) can use the licensed spectrum bands which are based on opportunistic non-interference. These networks are based on efficient cooperation between the secondary users (USs) in its operation regarding the spectrum sensing. Many kinds of attacks can affect on performance of CRNs very harmful, one of these types is the Insistent Spectrum Sensing Data Falsification (ISSDF) attack. Many recent studies proposed methods based on trust management to face such attacks, but these methods were not enough to alleviate such attacks especially in the dynamic environment where primary users (PUs) repeatedly transitions between active and inactive state. In this paper we propose a novel technique efficient ISSDF attack alleviation method for the Distributed Cooperative Spectrum Sensing (DCSS) in the Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks (CRAHN). The proposed method is based on mobility aware technique for energy efficient ISSDF attack mitigation along with context aware distributed trust method. The SU nodes analyse the trustworthiness with each other using PU absent and present contexts in which they make observations from each other by considering mobility and energy values of SUs. The utilization of energy values and mobility of SUs helps to extend the network operational lifetime while dealing with ISSDF attacks.

Keywords: Secondary Users, Insistent Spectrum sensing data falsification, Primary User, Cognitive Radio Ad hoc Networks, Context aware, mobility aware

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.7628

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