Abstract: Accident is the authority thread for the people's life which causes a very harmful or dead full. The automotive companies have made lots of progress in reducing this thread, but still the probability of harmful effect due to an accident is not reduced. Contravention of speed is one of the fundamental reasons of accident. Therewithal, external pressure and change of angle with road surface blameworthy for this mistake. As possible as the emergency service could disclose about an accident, the more the effect would be reduced. For this purpose, we developed an Android application that detects an accidental situation and sends emergency alert message to the nearest police station and health care centre. This application is integrated with an external pressure sensor to extract the noticeable force of the vehicle body. It will calculate speed and change of tilt angle with GPS and accelerometer sensors respectively on Android phone. And checking conditions, this application also capable of reducing the rate of false alarm.

Keywords: Detecting Vehicle Accident, Sensors, GPS module, GSM module, Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.71205

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