Abstract: The aim of the project is to introduce customers to various amenities and attractions in the hospitality and tourism industry, enticing them to stay at certain hotels or visit specific locations. In order, for any business to succeed, marketing is essential. Hotels and other related businesses have become increasingly interested in augmented reality in recent years, because it allows them to improve the physical environment that they are selling (such as their hotel and rooms), or to improve the experience of exploring the surrounding area. In addition to the fact that guests tend to ask for a lot of information, both when they arrive and when they leave, AR is a key reason for its flourishing in the hotel industry. Through augmented reality, Customers can have access to a lot of this information anytime and anywhere, improving their experience. Innovation in augmented reality additionally impacts the way people discover and engage with nearby attractions, cultures, and adventures.

Keywords: Augmented Reality, E-marketing, Virtual Environment, A 3D view, Mobile Technology, Customer.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10597

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