Abstract: The main objective of this project is to increase mobility and automation in the student information management system at the institution.
In the previous version, all information had to be viewed on a website. At the same time when searching for any information, it is very difficult to access and it takes a lot of time to search for a particular website.
Therefore, to overcome this problem the Cross-platform smartphone-based app can be used to make the process easier, safer, and less flawless. The most effective information will be gained through this program.
All college related news will be accessible anywhere anytime just on a single click on your mobile device. This application allows access to all notices and college related news. Also, as soon as notice is published on the main portal all mobile devices will receive notification on their mobile devices. Notice notification helps to bridge the communication gap between college management, faculty and students. This feature will allow college management to convey important messages and information directly to students.
This application also connects students across all years and branches through a student discussion forum feature where students can post queries and discuss on topics. Only college students can access this feature; they can share study resources and convey some information.
This application also allows students to view their internal exam results and attendance. Attendance calculator helps students to predict their future attendance. Attendance section in the application provides graph and attendance percent breakdown which helps students to better analyze their attendance.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114144

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