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Abstract: : This paper potray you about how we can enhance our farming techniques through latest technology and get 100% out of it. And this paper will show you how can monitor and secure our farming. India is a nation which is having more population and it is imperative to take care of the food adequately to all the individuals. The primary concern which is expected to satisfy this prerequisite is exceptional "farming" with enough water and minerals in the dirt keeping up this is bit risky. So incorporating the agribusiness field with Technology will make sound. Programmed soil highlights and condition bringing and choice taking should be possible by utilizing sensors and actuators, developing the seed and getting the yield isn't the solitary thing, we can give security to cultivate land just as to the product (obtained yield).
And in this paper I am going to show some of the ways to work on problem.

Keywords: IOT, Internet Of Things, Security System, Smart Farming.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.91118

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