Abstract: According to a search, we found the statistics of the disability population in our country is very high. So, we came to know that the count of physically disabled people is increasing day by day. Across hospitals and NGOs serving disabled people. These people are not capable of full-body movement as compared to a normal person and also, they need a caretaker always along with them to do activities. In such a situation we propose a system that helps disable person display a message by just simple motion of any part of his/her body. The main aim of the proposed system is to implement a low-cost reliable system that will help to establish communication between disabled patients and family caretakers. We are using an accelerometer device which is used to detect the motion. It is the device that is used to detect the motion. Our system provides a reliable and important solution to various issues faced by caretakers in traditionally communicating with disabled people and helps them to be in independent mode.

Keywords: Quadriplegia, Disability, Motion, Accelerometer.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.106103

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