Overview: The term Biometric made with two terms Bio means life and metrics means to measure. Biometric authentication system are becoming popular due to increased security and proven its superior performance due to increasing demand in society. It uses measurable human physiological or behavioral characteristics to verify identity of individual and has the ability to distinguish between an authorized person and fake ones. Biometric system improved the recognition technique by determining the physiological, behavioural traits. Physiological characteristics which remain constant lifetime include fingerprint, face, DNA, iris etc. and each of these properties are remarkable to every person. Behavioral traits are signature, voice; speech patterns, gait, keystroke etc which amend with time due to age, disease, fractured, accident and several other things affect behavior. Biometric features are unique for every individual so cannot be forgotten by users and outperforms technology. Even though it used in every field like in forensic, commercial, medical, financial institution, border security, and so on but has its drawbacks in terms of cost, accuracy, throughput and ease of use. Biometrics based on single peculiarity is known as unimodal system with a variety of problems like noisy data, false rejection, intra class variation, fake biometric trait, non universality, inter-class similarity, spoofy attacks. To overwhelm these problems multimodal biometrics is used. In multimodal different cues or traits are collected from different sources of same person.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114123

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