Abstract – strength is most essential requirement for each person. We know that because of big demand of strength and because of restrict potential of electricity plant at producing station, power cut off is not unusual for all us. because of constrained amount of electricity era at strength station and due to scarcity of non renewable non-stop deliver source it beings a biggest mission in complete global. in case you see all round us you may observe that due to discontinuity of electricity deliver, many problems were faced by means of humans in their ordinary use. This sort of electricity failure create problem for records facilities, hospitals and some studies work. this is a biggest purpose that every nations are studying for the paintings to deliver a non-stop strength with excellent performance and with top regulation. on this undertaking we are able to integrate the renewable and non-renewable power assets to get the continuous energy deliver along with mains, sun, inverter, small diesel generator .The strength reduce of those resources may be manually accomplished with the aid of switches. The non-stop supply to load may be given through computerized operation of relay, relay motive force IC with the assist of Arduino Nano. In gift time’s electric deliver may be very essential to the human beings. Uninterrupted energy materials are needed in nearly all the areas in our existence-in family packages, research establishments, hospitals and so forth. due to the expanded call for of power and huge consumption of traditional electricity assets, which are restrained in nature, there is a want to shift from conventional techniques of strength manufacturing to a higher method the usage of hybrid systems to economically use the conventional and non-conventional resources. This paper offers with the automation of switching among different assets so that you can get uninterrupted electricity supply and that to at low reasonably priced fee. a couple of resources increase the reliability of the system and the system is extra sturdy to electricity disasters and faults. The task implements micro controller primarily based circuit with relays to facilitate computerized prudent shift of electricity supply from the diverse available assets.

Keywords: Microcontroller, ULN 2803 Relay driver, Relay, Resistors, capacitors, oscillators, diode, power supply.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125277

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