Abstract: In current world situation the security and theft prevention are the main areas. This can be prevented using GSM and GPS technology. This will help in identifying vehicle location when the vehicle is stolen. This GSM uses many new techniques which includes biometric recognition techniques, image processing technique, using with the development and application of raspberry pi technique in this application. This system uses biometric or fingerprint technique in order to on the ignition when the authorized person wants to run the vehicle.

If an unauthorized person tries to run the vehicle by giving their fingerprint or when they disconnect the sensors wires the GSM module sends the alert message with the current location of the vehicle to the authorized person. The another application of this GSM system is that when the vehicle met with an accident, the message must reach to the registered emergency number which will tell extra location and about the accident of the vehicle. The another application is that when the driver was sleepy if he unwantedly remove the hands on the handle bar then it senses and slow down the engine speed to control the speed of the vehicle in order to prevent accident.

Keywords: Raspberry pi, GSM, GPS, ADXL Sensor, DC motor, VNC Viewer.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12613

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