Abstract: Many people who have private vehicles do not use their vehicles at all times so that over time the vehicles become poorly maintained and eventually damaged. Online Rental Application is here to help private vehicle owners to maximize the use of their personal vehicles while helping private vehicle owners to earn extra income. The purpose of writing is to develop applications that allow users to choose the vehicle according to their needs and to process the rental of vehicles both motorbikes and cars. The development method used is the waterfall method which consists of communication, planning, modelling, construction, deployment. The results are evaluated with 8 golden rules of interface design and the results of the questionnaire show that the application can be used by users and providers to make the process of renting and renting a vehicle. It was concluded that this application can be used well and can carry out the process of renting and renting vehicles for cars and motorbikes.

Keywords: Marketplace, Mobile Application, Private Vehicle, Rental Online.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10599

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