Abstract: Multiple target tracking is more difficult if the target in motion is maneuvering. The behaviour of maneuvering targets is modelled in the form of various target motion dynamics called as Interacting Multiple Model (IMM) filters. IMM uses a probabilistic switching mechanism between the several possible models for target’s motion. Due to overmodeling at these maneuvering times in the Interacting Multiple Model (IMM) method, there will be continuous switching between different models which will eventually degrade the tracking precision and smoothness. This paper proposes a new Self Stabilised IMM filter estimator model based on adaptive mode probability and vigorous switching technique. The results of the simulations demonstrate the feasibility and the superiority of the proposed model when combined with Particle Filter (PF) measurement model.

Keywords: Multiple Target Tracking (MTT), Air Surveillance Systems, Particle Filter, Interactive Multiple Model (IMM), Maneuvering target tracking

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8707

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