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Abstract: Abstract: As we know agriculture is the backbone of India. Rice and Wheat is one of the new targets in agriculture where still, less researchers and manufacturers participate. This field faces some problems such as how to minimize the losses, how to increase productivity and how to minimize cost. In India, two types of agricultural methods are used, manual method (conventional method) and mechanize type method. Mechanization involves the use of a hybrid device between the power source and the work. This hybrid device usually transfers motion, such as rotary to linear, or provides ample of mechanical advantages such as increase or decrease or leverage of velocity. Agricultural machinery is machinery used in farming or other agriculture. Mechanized agriculture is a process of using agricultural machinery to mechanize the work of agriculture, greatly increasing farm worker productivity. In this modern era, automatedagro machinery has replaced many farm jobs that are carried out by labour or by animals such as oxen, horses etc.. The entire history of agriculture contains many examples of the use of tools, such as the hoe and the plough. The benefit of agro automation is that it saves the labour cost. However, it also saves the energy and cost of materials and to improve the quality, accuracy, and nicety. The seed feeding, pesticides sprinkling and crop cutting are the important stages in the agriculture field. The design of multipurpose agro equipment machine will help Indian farmers in rural side and small farm. It will reduce the cost of seed feeding, pesticides sprinkling and crop cutting the field and will help to increase economic standard of an Indian farmer.

Keywords:  Ploughing, digging, seed sowing, fertilizer pouring, soil covering.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.753

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