Abstract: A navigation based local market search engine is a mobile application which is used to put out local market. The prime objective of Local Market Search Engine is to generate a full-fledged android application. This application will make local market goods which is shortly available for particular area only, available to users in specific yet larger geometric area. This app will also provide facility of auctioning artefact. As being a search market engine, this application will also facilitate the user to find out the hotels and hospitals in nearby areas within the cities. The prototype implemented will include basic functionalities such as showing a map, locating Points of Interests (POIs) on a map, locating location of a user, retrieving information of POIs, add reviews about POIs, support communication (e.g. phone, message), show route direction to POIs, add reminder, and choose different kinds of POIs to show on map. 

Keywords: Navigation, SDLC Model, MVC Architecture, Android

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9219

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