Abstract: IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) support software developers in their implementation work However, embedded software has specific requirements, so an off-the-shelf IDE for this purpose does not exist. In such a case, this paper recommends developing a customized IDE based on freeware software. We present a Nitro IDE project of developing such an IDE for the languages C/C++, Java, Python and HTML, JavaScript & many more. We used several open source projects with varying project status as a basis for our development. Today’s IDE are mostly not UI friend to user & having limitation, some are paid still not having new features in that. So, we are developing IDE with all of this improvement & unique features like AI chat & voice bot for helping in development, we analyzed developer communication within these open source projects and identified the benefits and the potential pitfalls for the case study Moreover, we present the effort made in terms of person months and that reuse of open source software improves cost-efficiency for the development of such IDEs.

Keywords: Integrated Development Environment, IDE, Code Editor, Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, coding

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11467

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