Abstract: Network scanning is the process of discovering active hosts on the network and information about the hosts, such as operating systems, active ports, services, and applications. In addition to these basic techniques, advanced network s canners can perform other techniques such as masking the origin of the scanning, enabling timing features for stealth y scans, evading perimeter defenses such as firewalls, and providing reporting options. Nmap is used to perform the above task, but Nmap is a cmd line tool and for beginners, it is daunting to use the cmd line tool. Sometimes while te sting, organizations do not allow our toolset to perform the test. They offer their environment. So we build the GUI interface which is easy to use because of the graphical user interface and also we host this as a website so the tester can access it from anywhere .

Keywords: Network Mapper, GUI, Nmap, port scanning.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11206

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