Abstract— Over the past ten years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has expanded significantly. In order for IoT applications to run successfully and continuously, this increase raises a number of difficult difficulties. Resource limitations, server overload on the central server, and the possibility of unauthorised use of sensitive data are a few of the issues that must be resolved. On the other hand, blockchain technology is becoming more and more well-liked and has experienced tremendous success with cryptocurrencies. It includes a variety of essential features, including a method for consensus, peer communications, confidence-building without the need for a reliable third party, and a transaction regulated by conditions and functions utilising the intelligent contract methodology. Blockchain is a great option for building a decentralised, autonomous IoT system that addresses the aforementioned problems. An IoT-Blockchain integration architecture is proposed in this paper employing an Addressing the issues brought about by the constrained IoT resources while using the Blockchain mining technique in IoT systems requires the use of Ethereum Blockchain infrastructure within a rich-thin client IoT strategy. The architecture depends on how the resources are loaded. Devices with fewer resources are called thin clients, whereas those with more resources are called rich clients. Both clients are able to access the blockchain and collect data, but the rich-client is limited to carrying out the mining operation. Additionally, we put into practise a healthcare system where surgical process management is carried out based on the suggested design. By putting the design to the test and contrasting it with other well-known IoT-based blockchain architectures, we also demonstrate the effectiveness of our solution. The outcomes demonstrate that the suggested blockchain-IoT architecture is appropriate for a variety of IoT applications while avoiding challenges generated by the constraints of IoT devices.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12585

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