Abstract: Telecommunication networks of high capacity based on optical technologies and components are termed as optical networks. They are used to are used to groom, route, and restore wavelength levels and wavelength-based services. Automation testing of optical devices plays an important role in successful delivery of these devices. Not only does it help in increasing the quality of the device, it also decreases the product delivery time by replacing the efforts in manual testing. With rapid development in technology in the optical domain, a further decrease in the time required for testing is necessary. Time taken in creation and submission of tests to test features needs to be significantly reduced. Conduction of repeated tests after correction in the defects of the system leading to new releases also plays an important role in quality delivery of products.  With the advancement in techniques of natural language processing and text processing, involvement of these techniques in conduction of repeated tests helps in significant reduction of time taken and increase in accuracy. Across new releases, analysis of improvement factors is extremely important. Maintenance of records of conducted testcases and analysis will also help in increasing the quality of tests conducted.

Keywords: telecommunication, Optical devices, automation testing

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9412

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