Abstract: The importance of food for human survival has been discussed in several medical conferences. Consumers now have more opportunities to learn about nutrition patterns, understand their daily eating habits, and maintain a balanced diet owing to modern dietary evaluation and nutrition analysis tools. Due to the ignorance of healthy food habits, obesity rates are increasing at an alarming speed, and this is reflective of the risks to people’s health. People need to control their daily calorie intake by eating healthier foods, which is the most basic method to avoid obesity. However, although food packaging comes with nutrition (and calorie) labels, it’s still not very convenient for people to refer to App-based nutrient dashboard systems which can analyze real-time images of a meal and analyze it for nutritional content which can be very handy and improves the dietary habits, and therefore, helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This project aims at building an application that automatically estimates food attributes such as ingredients and nutritional value by classifying the input image of food. This method employs a deep learning model (CNN) for accurate food identification and Food APIs’ s to give the nutritional value of the identified food.

Keywords: CNN, GLCM.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12503

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