Abstract: An Occupational Health and Safety Management System is an industry’s threat management strategy for managing high risk and insecure activities. A management system is a dynamic process in which a set of classified components enable an organisation to attain a set of goals. An OHSMS is a framework used in many organizations. This framework helps in monitoring the safety of an organization from various threats and reduces the possibility of occurrence of any dangerous activities. Hence, it enhances the health and safety of the employees of an organization there by gradually increasing the organization’s performance. It occurs with a plan of action and is being controlled like other aspects of a business such as social, technical or administrative functions. An OHS management system provides us the facility to safe guard our workplace and helps us promote healthy and safer working environment. By applying and executing an OHSMS in an organization, it allows us to protect the workplace, follow legal requirements and enhances the performance. An OHSMS is an internationally recognized standard that falls under ISO 45001 Standard. This ISO 45001 standard clearly explains the prerequisites for organization’s competency and liability with respect to Occupational Health and Safety management. Health and safety are an issue that affects everyone in the workplace including employees, volunteers, contractors, vendors and visitors. Effective safety management will help the industry improve employee wellbeing, workplace ambience and operations. Therefore, there is always a need for a secure working place. The idea of an OHSMS is more important and prominent in the industries. Hence, this concept is more familiar among the organizations. An OHSMS provide a systematic way of managing health and safety risks, controlling hazardous incidents in the workplace with continual improvement.

Keywords: OHSMS, Framework, Risk Management Strategy, Organization, Health, Control, Incidents, Safe Workplace

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114140

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