Abstract: This paper discusses about wireless charging of electric vehicles on the road. Wireless power transmission is a method used to transmit electricity through the air medium. Wireless charging has been in development for a quite long time, and companies like ElectReon from Israel, have taken these standards to the next level with an innovation that sounds like it came right out of a science fiction film and this innovation is none other than wireless charging roads. This picks up electricity provided by a coil, which is beneath the road. Electric vehicles are normal, fitted with batteries, but the beneficiary is that people can transport as long as possible with this technology, as continuous electricity is provided through the coil. There is no time wasted in charging the vehicle, in the station. Even the existing electric vehicles can be slightly modified to attain this technology. And even the best part is that, for no battery electric vehicle, this will be the best option, as battery weight will be reduced, and with ease electric vehicle can transport.

Keywords: CPT, WPT, Magnetic Coupling Effect, SMFIR, Recharging road, Power pickup unit, plug in electric vehicle, OLEV, IPT.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12724

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