BSTRACT: On Road Vehicle Breakdown Assistance is going to be a good solution for the people who seek help in the remote locations with mechanical issues of their vehicle. Users of the On Road Vehicle Breakdown Assistance will be the registered public and they will be getting connected with the particular mechanic through the trustworthy Assistance system. Because only the legally licensed and approved mechanics are enlisted in the On Road Vehicle Breakdown Assistance system. In an existing system there are users who have their own mechanic database which is very minimal. And also they have no idea if their vehicles are broke down or had any mechanical issue in remote locations or any long distant locations from their known mechanic shops. In an proposed Here the users of On Road Vehicle Breakdown Assistance system can search for list of mechanic at any location or the nearby locations which will help them in an unexpected situations raised by the mechanical issues of their vehicles.

Keywords: On road vehicle breakdown , Python , Django, HTML , CSS , Javascripts

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125235

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