Abstract:-- E-Voting is a form of voting in which the individuals are able to cast their votes online, through a web interface. Through the use of online voting, the voter navigates to the designated election site using a web browser on an ordinary PC. The individual then authenticates himself or herself before the system enables the voter to view the ballot displayed on the screen. The voter is then permitted to select their chosen candidate and then cast the votes which would then be sent to the election server for processing. In “E-Voting” a voter can use his\her voting right online without any difficulty. He\She has to fill a registration form to register himself\herself. All the entries is checked by the DATABASE which has already all information about the voter. If all the entries are correct then a USER ID and PASSWORD is given to the voter, by using that ID and PASSWORD he\she can use his\her vote. If conditions are wrong then that entry will be discarded.
The project is designed with a modular approach and the number of modules is decided as per the requirements of the organization. The three modules are administrator module, nominee/candidate module and the general voter module. The administrator has total authority of the organization and maintains all the aspects. The user has the provision to view the list of all candidates and results as well as vote for the desired candidates.The voting system currently being used by the association is a paper based system, in which the voter simply picks up ballots sheets from electoral officials, tick off who they would like to vote for, and then cast their votes by merely handing over the ballot sheet back to electoral official. The electoral officials gather all the votes being cast into a ballot box. At the end of the elections, the electoral officials converge and count the votes cast for each candidate and determine the winner of each election category.
The Nominee details will be updated by the admin for the post of board of director and manager. The candidate will submit their own details and the admin maintain all of background details of the particular nominee and uploaded their information in correct procedure. In order to, the user or voter can view the nominee details. The user after their registration only can logon for voting. The user will view nominee details with their image before they can vote. After knowing the nominee details the user can logon for voting. They should vote for board of director and the manager in the association. The count will taken for each voting. After voting the particular person/user cannot logon to vote again.

Keyterms: Blockchain framework, E-Voting application, Internet of Things

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114129

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