Abstract: In today’s world, as Covid-19 pandemic has made everyone stay at home, it has impacted education sector a lot. Students now have to attend classes online and many software were introduced to enable online teaching. Similarly, for taking exams there were many technologies introduced, but students are able to cheat in the exam. This type of practice needs to be stopped. The project aims to provide the solutions to catch the students and avoid the cheating during exams. I have created an Online Examination Portal for giving exams. It can be used by students to give exams and track their progress, and used by institutions to conduct examinations. I have used HTML, CSS for layout of the portal; JavaScript to decide what action will happen on user’s inputs to the portal; and MySQL to store the question and answers for the test and Artificial Intelligence to track the face of the student.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Covid-19, HyperText Markup Language, Image processing, JavaScript, Online Examination Portal.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.101126

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