Abstract: This Paper presents the design of an e-agriculture model for the selling and buying of the agricultural products. The products are of high quality and trade value. Generally, through E-commerce, users can browse, compare and select the product items that they like in a more convenient manner, which brings great facility to the Ecommerce users. The main concept is that no intermediator act as a buyer or seller. The price of the product can be fixed only by the product owner. Another important feature of this model is that the product owner (i.e. the farmer) can get a solution for their queries. They can upload the image of an infected product to know about the type of disease that it has and also can get feedback for its cure. The owner can also feed in the information about the agricultural land to get a suggestion on which crop suits the best for that particular type of land. The agricultural information system provides its users and researchers to get online information about, the crop, statistical details and new tendencies. The trends of the crops act so that these will be pretty important to the users who access to this via the Internet.

Keywords: Online Trading, Weather Prediction, Online feedback and Soil Testing.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9336

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