Abstract: Online service provider or the online bidding and auction becoming the most demanding tools these days worlds many companies are coming up with new product and services. Uber, Ola like companies are providing the cab services which may used by millions of users on daily basis for transportation. In few countries transportation service providers are giving online order accepting facilities, but not possible for all service provider. Yellow pages like services provides online dictionary for transportation service provider with limited information. Information about transportation vehicle type and experiences needs to be share with customer and also bidding options must be there for customers benefits. Proposed system is to design and develop an online transportation service provider bidding system where customer can post a job details to complete and service provider can bid for the job. System will automatically show best option or lowest option to customer where customer can allot work to specific service provider. System will help both service provider and the customer to get the job done. Customer can select right provider on the basis of experience, type of vehicle, budget and rating.

Keywords: Bidding, profiling, OTP

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9318

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