Abstract- In today's technological world, as everything is going online, the examination papers of the students should also be checked, reviewed in less time and with high efficiency, which will help to generate the results of the student, in a fast manner, in a limited span of time. At the current scenario of COVID-19, the teachers are not able to take offline classes, and so the classes as well as the examinations are being taken online, so with the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Python and Django, this system is beneficial at this crucial time. After generation of the result, students can check the result as well as can view the papers uploaded by them after checking, so that in less time, the system will get easier and more efficient for the students as well as the teachers. There are many systems available for taking multiple choice question (mcq) exams, but there was no system for conducting the handwritten and theoretical exam papers and also grading the papers at the same time. This system helps student to upload exam answer sheets and let teachers to evaluate them easily.

Keywords—Amazon Web Services (AWS), Python, Django, mcq

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10465

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