Abstract: Impact of COVID-19 was massive with job losses, shrinking of economies and loss of livelihoods. During the COVID-19 situation it was not possible for job seekers to attend walk-ins by visiting from one place to another as the transportation systems were closed due to lockdown. People had to stay indoors. To facilitate the situation lead to Online Recruitment System provides a platform where recruiters and job seekers can directly interact with each other without actually having to meet in person.
This system provides security and safety to candidate’s information. The system consists of authentication and verification for candidate and company in order to prevent fraud websites and bugs. It includes updates related to latest jobs. It also includes all the details required for particular jobs. Candidates can upload their resume and set job search criteria. The jobs are bifurcated with respect to the search criteria selected by the candidate to provide the candidate with a personalized experience. Recruiters can post the particular jobs with their requirements, check out the resumes of the candidates, create their profiles, etc. It also provides recruiters with a platform where they can conduct online tests for specific requirements and can also conduct the coding test. Thus it overcomes the disadvantages of COVID-19 pandemic and also provides an easy way to the people.

Keywords: recruitment, jobs, job seekers, candidate, etc

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11809

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