Abstract: The Main objective of this Travel & Tourism project is to make the travel easy and comfortable for the users right from finding the routes and buses to till the booking of the tickets. In this project, we've two modules, Admin, and user. Admin in this Travel & Tourism Management System project will log in with the default username and password and admin has authority to add the bus routes and add the travel and assign the route id’s and bus id’s and eventually , the admin will add the buses at particular times in several routes. Admin also will add the various travel agencies while adding buses admin will fix the ticket price and therefore the capacity of seats. Finally, the user will register and log in and therefore the find the acceptable routes and use the route id he will search the bus by giving all details like date of journey and type of seat etc. After selecting the knowledge user are going to be headed to pick seats during a view the chosen seats are going to be displayed as red then after successful payment the booking confirmation will be shown.

Keywords: Online Travel And Tourism Website

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10336

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