Abstract: Our project deals with online voting system that facilitates user(voter), candidate and administrator (who will be in charge and will verify all the user and information) to participate in online voting. our online voting system is highly secured, and it has a simple and interactive user interface. The proposed online portal is secured and have unique security feature such as unique id generation that adds another layer of security (except login id and password) and gives admin the ability to verify the user information and to decide whether he is eligible to vote or not. It also creates and manages voting and an election detail as all the users must login by username and password and click on candidates to register vote. Our system is also equipped with a chat bot that works as a support or guide to the voters, this helps the users in the voting process.

Keywords: Blockchain Based Online Voting System, Face Recognition Based Online Voting System, Fingerprint Based Online Voting System, AADHAAR ID Based Online Voting System

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11579

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