Abstract: Online Voting is an inclination that is achieving encouragement in modern society. First, take a look at the traditional voting system. Large space and manpower are required to set up voting booths in multiple areas around the city or village. High security has to be maintained on the date of the election. The voter must visit the place where the voting booth is arranged. Sometimes, the voter needs to stand in a queue for a long time. Again, manpower is required to volunteer and assist voters at the place of voting. The voting process is done manually on the voting machine. Vote counting is done with the physical process. Then there is an intermission of a few days for results to be displayed. if we see here in trade national voting system, we need a lot of manpower, energy, and time to conduct this process.
Now to get control of the above-mentioned situation, we are going to initiate an application called Online Voting System. Now as we all know, almost everything can be done online. Like Money transfer, Shopping, Booking, etc. And so many other activities are done with the help of the internet. So, with the effortless approach and use of the internet, we are going to take this existing voting system to an advanced level. We are going to develop an online platform with high security so that the same process could be done easily without the waste of time, afford, and energy.

Keywords: Voter, Group, Candidate, Web application, Online, Election, Voting, Results, Mobile.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11459

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