Abstract: E-district portal is an initiative to manage all district services and provide them to people efficiently. The utilization of the health care services system is not in the expected range among district people. The information about availability of public health services is not well known. This study explored how district-level health services systems are not being used by people because the information does not reach them conveniently. To reduce the search time of people on the internet, a website is made where all information regarding health centres and services is made available for the district people. Strengthening district-level management can be an important lever for improving key public health outcomes. In this study, we will acquire knowledge and skills in health system management, administration and reachability, while providing everything on a single website. We will provide information regarding availability of vaccines at various district covid vaccination centres, real time.
Index Terms E-District services, covid, vaccination, digitisation, e-governance

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114156

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