Abstract: Image Steganography is the technique of hiding data / information of interest within an image. Image Steganography is critical in hiding the information to prevent the intruders from stealing and is intended to be read or processed only by the intended receiver. In our assignment we use JPEG or JPG images for Steganography regardless of whether it is digital or analog. Efforts have been put to create a unique GUI dashboard to distinguishably allow admin, user and new registrations to communicate using the same. An effort is made to upload images that carry different pixel intensities to avoid repetition of stego images that may occur due to use of same image and repetitive text / data. The user is given enough freedom to select or edit a key of his own. We have followed diagonal pixel selection technique. SHA algorithm is used to check the integrity of the system. The ever increasing network transmission rate accelerates this technique which is versatile approach having attained increased payload capacity.

Keywords: Image Steganography, JPEG or JPG images, create a unique GUI dashboard, stego images, diagonal pixel selection technique, SHA algorithm, integrity, and LSB algorithm.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9610

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