Abstract: - The search, collection, analysis, and use of information from open sources, as well as the methodologies and tools used, is referred to as open-source intelligence (OSINT). OSINT arose from a military requirement to acquire relevant and publicly available data. Since its inception, several studies have been conducted suggesting and creating new ways to use OSINT in various situations. SINT Spider attempts to combine the most common and necessary OSINT techniques into one nice convenient package. It is a great toolkit for anyone who does any penetration testing, or just wants a head start on their exploitation. The tool is still in its early stages, however it does everything it sets out to do minus any GUI makers. You can use the toolkit on any system with the necessary dependencies and requirements to install and run the packages. In addition, I would recommend creating your own scripts and adding things on top of this toolkit if you plan to use it in every attack. This is the toolkit to use if you are a newer pen tester and want to get into information gathering and learn new techniques for information gathering. It also provides a reference if you need to run one of these tools outside of Kali (which is sometimes necessary). The tool will be built on a framework which will merge tools with a common command line interface. Each tool will play a role in reducing the effort required to run multiple tools. The initial plan is to merge the following tools - Reverse Image Search - Email Hunting - Username Hunting - IP Tracing

Key-words: - Pap smear, Debris, Poisson noise, Image Processing

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.101225

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