Abstract: A smart health system that benefits both patients and doctors is a personal health record (PHR) system. Typically, a PHR is managed and kept on the cloud by a semi-reliable cloud service provider. Nonetheless, there is still a chance that untrusted people and semi trusted parties could see confidential health information. In this article, a patient-centric PHR sharing structure is suggested in order to safeguard patients' privacy and guarantee that they have control over their PHRs. This framework eliminates the key hosting issue and achieves fine-grained access control to PHRs by encrypting all PHRs with multiauthority attribute-based encryption prior to outsourcing. In order to guarantee data integrity on the cloud and protect the user's identity during authentication, an anonymous authentication between the cloud and the user is also suggested. The new online-offline attribute-based signature that the proposed authentication is based on is issued. It can strengthen patients' control over their PHRs by making the encrypted PHRs resistant to collusion attempts and preventing forgery during the sharing time. Decryption that is done online-offline and through outsourcing also lowers computation costs and boosts productivity. Lastly, comparisons based on numerical trials are shown.

Keywords: Process discovery; hybrid process model; event log; big data; service computing; cloud computing

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12406

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