Abstract: The next generation wireless systems are supposed to handle high data rate as well as large coverage area. It should consume less power and utilize bandwidth efficiently. At the same time, the mobile terminals must be simple, cheap, and smaller in size. In wireless communication, the quality of received signal level degraded due to various fading phenomenon. To combat these problems the new technology cooperative communication becomes popular to the research community. In which cooperation among nodes has been the subject of great interest among the researchers because it creates spatial diversity in wireless network, even if individual nodes do not use antenna arrays for transmission and reception. Different diversity combining techniques can be used to improve the performance of the wireless link. In this paper outage analysis of cooperative relay network has been carried out with selection combining and switch and stay combining. The results are simulated which shows that the outage performance of selection combining gives better results than switch and stay combining.

Keywords: Cooperative communication; diversity combining technique; Rician fading; selection combining; switch and stay combining.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10523

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