Abstract: Prevention is better than cure in the same way prevention during cure is also important. Due to the increasing population the burden of the health system is also increasing. The doctors have to face critical patients on a regular basis. The health system is the only system which is under tremendous pressure. A survey suggests that India has a single doctor for a population of 1700 people. Such conditions force the engineers to build a system that more or less help the doctors to fight with critical conditions. It is observed that the doctors spend a large portion of time in monitoring the patients and then thinking about the treatment. A system which can monitor the patient’s health and directly provide data to the doctor, can reduce the time of action and the treatment can start quickly. Our system does the same thing. It enables the doctors to monitor patient’s health parameters (temp, heartbeat, ECG, position) in real time. Here the parameters of patient are measured continuously (temp, heartbeat, ECG) and wirelessly transmitted using Zigbee. This results in reducing the monitoring time due to which the doctors can directly focus on treatment.

Keywords: Patient monitoring, ECG, temperature, PIC microcontroller.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10915

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