Abstract: Payment wallet has many significant features like anytime transfers, mobile transfers, and secure and convenient transfer of money. It can also be considered a bank for those who do not have an approach to banks and do the banking activity like sending and receiving money. Digital wallets are gaining momentum in the Indian market due to increasing technology penetration and acceptance of new developments by customers. E-Wallet payments can be made anywhere including receiving money, storing, and sending. The situation everything actually careful banks then telecom companies toward proposal investment facilities to their subscribers. The use of e-wallets helps in moving away from a cash base economy. In the process, all the transactions get accounted for in the economy, which has the effect of reducing the size of the parallel economy It is an online platform that lets an operator save money popularly, fair similar to a set account. Operator requirements toward typing a description with a portable file provider. This can be used in many different sectors of businesses, Shops, and Malls. It will also capitalize on the scope of India’s education market segments.

Keywords: E-Wallet, Payment, Transaction, Fraud Detection.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.111154

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