Abstract: Ride-sharing is a service that enable drivers to share trips with other riders, contributing to appealing benefits of shared travel cost and reducing traffic congestion. Most current ride-sharing system, however, depend on a central third party to organizing the service, subjecting them to a single point of failure and privacy concerns about disclosure by both internal and external attacks. The proposed system makes without depending on a trusted third party, drivers to provide ride-sharing services. Both riders and drivers can learn if they can share rides while maintaining their travel information, including place of pick-up/drop-off, departure/arrival date and price of travel. However, Malicious consumers to send multiple ride requests or requests, exploit the anonymity given by the public blockchain In order to find a better deal or to make the offer, while not committing to either of them, offers unreliable structures. The proposed system addresses this issues by implementing a time-locked method. A ride-sharing deposit protocol by leveraging the smart contract and zero-knowledge collection evidence for membership. In a nutshell, a driver and a passenger will have to demonstrate their good will and commitment to the blockchain by submitting a deposit. Later, a driver must prove himself to the blockchain on the decided pick-up time that he/she arrived at the pick-up place on time. To protect the privacy of the rider/driver by hiding the exact pick-up spot, the evidence is performed using evidence of membership of the zero-knowledge set. To ensure equal payment, moreover, A pay-as-you drive methodology is applied depending on the driver’s elapsed time of the rider and driver. Furthermore, we implement a model of reputation to rate drivers based on their history behaviour without any third party interference.

Keywords: Blockchain Technology, Decentralization, Consensus Algorithm, Distributed System, Cryptocurrency

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10131

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