Abstract: Underwater images often suffer from color distortion and low contrast, because light is scattered and absorbed when travelling through water. Such images with different color tones can be shot in various lighting conditions, making restoration and enhancement difficult. There are several algorithms available which is helpful in restoring the underwater images back to the actual scene. In this project we analysis three different underwater image enhancement algorithms such as DSPV, AACP, G-GIF for restoring both the underwater images as well as videos. Also, the experimental results of these three algorithms are analysed for the better understanding of the performance. The image restoration aims to recover a degraded image using a model of the degradation and of the original image formation.

Keywords: Difference Structure Preservation Value, Graphical User Interface Development Environment, Adaptive Attenuation Curve Prior, Mean Square Error, Mean Square Error, Just In Time, Remotely Operated Vehicle

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10410

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