Abstract: Nowadays, there are a number of online trip planning systems that make it possible to automatically generate a selection and routing plan for visiting Points of Interest (POIs) that satisfy the tourist personal interests. These systems implement various features and functionalities that aim to meet diverse tourist interest profiles. Some of the most important features that get more frequently utilized include tourist personal interest estimation, selection of POIs and path routing, mandatory POIs, dynamic recalculation of trip plan, multiple day trip planning, opening hours of POIs, budget limitations and weather dependency. In this paper, we make android application on personal travelling systems, by explaining their functionalities and features. In addition, we present an evaluation of a number of existing systems in respect to their level of adaption of the state of the art touristic trip planning features.

Keywords: Travelling, Tourist, Budget, Management, Geo-Fencing

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8455

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