Abstract: Tour Guide as the name goes is an advance yet highly promising system helping a tourist or any user to get accurate and best data in no time. This System is an Android Application and Uses Android Studio as its Front End and SQL Server as its Back End. The Application acts as a Tour Guide giving out outputs to the user for every input given to the system. The System is highly reliable as it uses google map API which are very accurate and same goes for the weather conditions, personal interest and budget to travel. This System tries the user to gives a heads-up giving the weather conditions to make sure that the user will be comfortable to visit the desired place. The User has options to select for the places he wants to visit for instance parks, beaches monuments or food joints and so on; the system will ask whether he is searching for the current. Locality or some other place.

Keywords: TSP, Geo-fencing, Shortest Path, Daily Tourism Behavior

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.71113

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