Abstract: Now days each and every single application which uses security includes authentication process having username and password. Phishing is an effort by an personality or a group  to burgle personal con denial in turn such as passwords, credit card information etc from unsuspecting victims for identity theft, monetary gain and other fraudulent activities. Proposed a new approach "Phishing Attack Prevention Using Visual Cryptography" to solve the problem of phishing. Here, an image based conformation, by means of Visual Cryptography (VC) is worn. According to this approach, user registration contains the captcha image as password and the image is splits into two parts using K-N sharing algorithm. For the purpose of user authentication user is sent one share (part of image) and other part of image is on server side. We need to secure Website Authentication process. Here is many approaches present there for cryptographic mechanism but not for website authentication. Though our system has proposed an approach provides authentication of website by using OTP on e-mail id. If OTP is matched then only the login successfully.

Keywords: Phishing attack, image captcha, visual cryptography, OTP

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8428

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