Abstract: Agriculture have an important role in our day today life. Now adays the population has increased and it also increased the demand for food. So it is necessary to increase the production of crops. For better production of crops the plants should be properly fertilized and protected from diseases. Manual identification of disease is not possible for large scale farmers all the time as it is time consuming and need more labours for that. Diseases can be easily detected by using machine learning. By using machine learning technique we can identify the disease that is affected to the leaf, stem, root and fruits. Images captured using mobile camera will be processed using image processing technique. The features are extracted from the disease affected part and it can be classified using machine learning technique such as Convolutional Neural Network(CNN) and MobileNet. An application that can predict the disease affected to the plant and possible precautions to avoid the disease will be developed.

Keywords: Machine Learning, CNN, MobileNet, Image processing

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10122

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