Abstract: Every day, an average individual takes thousands of steps, placing extremely significant pressure on their feet. Many biomechanical issues arise as a result, which have terrible consequences. As a result, it's important to keep an eye on foot pressure and appropriately manage these conditions. Yet, everyone has varied and distinctive walking styles. In this project, we show a flexible and universal in-shoe sensor that can record data as you walk in real-time. The resulting clear and understandable graphics will allow the patient and the doctor to view what happens when walking. We created an Android application that is used to display the visuals on the smartphones. It uses technology that is wireless, portable, and user-friendly and also stores data or history for a podiatrist to analyse the patient's stride. The foot strikes will be dynamically shown as a movie, frame by frame, in the user-friendly application. Graphics showing before-and-after comparisons of the therapy can be used by a podiatrist or the subject to assess effectiveness or recommend adjustment.

Keywords: measures, indicates, responds, active and passive sensors, third party applications, analog and digital sensors, posture or movement, heel, toe mounds, inner arch, outer arch and android application interface.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12437

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