Abstract: Important obligations of educational institutions include, creation, management, preservation and transcription of examination records of past and active students. Most universities adopt semi-automated and, in some cases, even manual means of processing academic results. The semi-automated approach of the Ritman University in particular, utilizes Microsoft Excel sheets to produce editable result templates. Examination officers across departments utilize the templates to compute student results. While such tedious approach might work well for other institutions with a few student population and fixed curriculum, it is less productive and laborious for the Ritman University which boasts of rapid growing student population and a dynamic curriculum. Often than not it is difficult to validate whether examination officers do incorporate certain policies of individual departments regarding result computation. Not to talk about the security challenges considering that results must be handled by several staff. In this paper, a new system has been developed to efficiently automate and aid result computation task of the university.

Keywords: Academic Result; Computation; Policy-Driven; CGPA; Rational Unified Process; Multi-Tier, Transcription, Systems


PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9132

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