Abstract: Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) using alluring reverberation is the invention that might relieve people from obtrusive wires. In fact, the WPT accepts a comparable fundamental theory that has only been known by the phrase "inductive power exchange" for around 30 years. WPT innovation has recently increased quickly at the control level. Because of this, stationary and dynamic charging applications for electric vehicles (EVs) can greatly benefit from the WPT. The development of remote charging for EVs from WPT was examined in this study.The charging system can be efficiently alleviated by implementing WPT in EVs. The introduction of EVs to the mainstream market has rendered battery innovation obsolete. It is believed that experts could benefit from cutting-edge achievements and advance the continued development of WPT and expansion of EV.

Keywords: electric vehicles, wireless charging, position detection, photoelectric sensor, IoT, efficiency

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12252

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