Abstract: Internet of Things plays a vital  role in smart agriculture monitoring system. Smart farming is an emerging concept , because IoT sensors  are  capable  of  providing  information about  their  fields.  Wireless  Sensor  Networks are performing a key role in different applications such as healthcare, agriculture, environment  monitoring,  home  automation.   Monitoring environmental factors is the major factor to  improve  the  yield  of  the  crops.   The main feature of this paper is monitoring temperature and humidity in agricultural field.  This monitoring is done by using sensors and sending the  message  to  the  farmer.    The  main purpose  of  paper  is  to  propose  a  grid  system onion storage methodology which will help to reduce  onion  degradation  due  to  temperature and  humidity.    If  in  the  storage  of  onions, one  of the  onion  starts  degradation  then  this system  will  send  the  message  to  the  farmer. This will help to improve yield better quality onion and save the  farmers  from  the  major economic loss.

Keywords: Wireless Sensors Network, Sensors, Climate, Agricultural Productivity, Internet of Things

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8504

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