Abstract: Among worldwide, agriculture has the major responsibility for improving the economic contribution of the nation. However, still the most agricultural fields are under developed due to the lack of deployment of ecosystem control technologies. Due to these problems, the crop production is not improved which affects the agriculture economy. Hence a development of agricultural productivity is enhanced based on the plant yield prediction. To prevent this problem, Agricultural sectors have to predict the crop from given dataset using machine learning techniques. The analysis of dataset by supervised machine learning technique(SMLT) to capture several information’s like, variable identification, uni-variate analysis, bi-variate and multi-variate analysis, missing value treatments etc. A comparative study between machine learning algorithms had been carried out in order to determine which algorithm is the most accurate in predicting the best crop. The results show that the effectiveness of the proposed machine learning algorithm technique can be compared with best accuracy with entropy calculation, precision, Recall, F1 Score, Sensitivity, Specificity.

Keywords: Machine Learning-Classification Method,Dataset,Customer Satisfaction,User-Interface

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.105135

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