Abstract: Common perception is that America as a global leader in technology, employment opportunities, and living standards. But the shadow is darker just beneath the light. United States is also the global leader when it comes to incarcerations. One in every three US adults have criminal record.
Statistical numbers clearly suggest a racial imbalance in terms of arrests and victim counts. While colored people only make up 37% of US population, they account for 67% of prison population. Among various factors behind this uncomfortable truth, major ones are poverty, lack of education, unemployment, improper family planning etc. Apart from the mentioned reason the relationship between race and crime has been the subject of controversy in the developed nations like United States. Correlation of crime with racial disparity is prominent to the extent to have its influence on social movements and even legislation.
As for the purpose of prediction of expected criminal activity in a particular locality along with total population, proportions of colored people also make significant contribution.
The proposed model is tested on the “Communities and Crime Data Set” from the UCI Machine Learning Repository[3]

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11342

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