Abstract: Criminology is a complex subject. There are various factors which affect rate of crime in a particular society. Few of the main aspects are population, unemployment and education. In this article we would explore the correlation of rate of violent crimes in areas where majority of the inhabitants are afro Americans with the aforesaid aspect. Following are the effects in brief of mentioned reasons influencing rate of crime. Unemployment is one of the multiple causes contributing higher rate of crimes in contemporary society. Relation of crime with unemployment is manifested well through the offensive conducted by the unemployed. At a time when there is a death of suitable jobs or opportunities with crime is undermine by the promise of expect rewards in the mind of an individual. Good education is essential for development of professional skill / abilities in individuals. Members of community with higher level of education can avail rewarding jobs resulting in higher gross capita income. Consequently, risk associated with crime outweighs lure of benefits. Apart from the above good education tunes psychological, moral and social upbringing of an individual and thereby contributes the most to make her a better person. A person with rewarding jobs and high moral value would most likely endeavor to avoid activities which is not ethical and/or legal in the eyes of law. Rapid population growth, if not properly managed can have negative impact on crime rate. This is especially evident in areas such as those inhibited by impoverished afro American population. Reason could be deteriorated standard of living as available resources become scarce. Unfavorable living and economic condition can be conducive environment for criminal activities.

Keywords : Multiple linear Regression, Cross Validation, Confusion Matrix

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114100

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